In 2008, ACSEL published a report entitled « Europe, an opportunity for e-commerce« . This new book offers a different perspective in light of the fact that we have since seen significant progress in the basic principles governing e-commerce. The results are clear for all to see, the figures provide the proof and so do the high number of company success stories.

Nonetheless, today’s European e-commerce still remains confined within national strongholds, even though it can play a role in Europe’s construction by contributing to the development of the economy and digital society at Union level.

This is the reason why we want to go beyond simply removing the obstacles which currently prevent border crossing. Our aim is also to describe the channels and measures required for a genuine ecosystem for European e-commerce.  In truth, some of these channels have already been explored by the pioneers whose experiences and testimonies feature in this document.

Why do we talk of cross-border rather than borderless e-commerce?

Firstly because we are realistic, and secondly because a border is also a crossing point and a place where exchanges take place, and which can provide a new means of boosting European e-commerce: Instead of destroying the strongholds, we plan to conquer them.

Learning from past experience, retailers and service providers will be better prepared to cross new frontiers, both within the European Union and much further beyond.


Are conclusions drawn from the given facts

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